MetaKraftwerk is the most flexible solution to automate your Informatica development.

The product video presents you the full development lifecycle with MetaKraftwerk - creation of a pattern, management of instance metadata and building the actual data integration processes.

Metadata Upload

MetaKraftwerk supports the three Informatica data integration platforms Informatica Cloud (IICS), Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Data Engineering Integration (Big Data Management).

The exports of these platforms can be uploaded in MetaKraftwerk and will be available as prototype. The visual pattern development can start in MetaKraftwerk.

Our Sync-Feature allows the adjustment and enhancement of the prototype, enabling an iterative, agile pattern development.

Pattern Editor

The definition of naming conventions, expressions, source qualifiers and the positioning of variable data structures is made easy with various editors. Functional roles link pattern objects with instance metadata. This upgrades a prototype to an automated pattern.

Instance Table

Instance metadata can be uploaded via Excel or CSV files.

The instance table shows the metadata of specific data integration processes.

The schema of the instance metadata is fully customizable based on your own requirements. Also, dedicated constraints can be defined fully flexible. Domains, formats, cardinalities, etc. can be specified. Thereafter, the instance metadata will be always validated based on these constraints.

Build Pipeline

Based on the pattern, MetaKraftwerk creates the executable processes for each instance. The user defined rules are applied to replicate the pattern adjusted by the specific instance data.

As the result of this build process, the specific data integration objects in the format of exports are available. They can be uploaded into the Informatica platform.

Code Templates

Code templates can be added for each pattern. This includes for example DDL scripts, schema files for big data environments or other complementary code.

The templates are instantiated during the build process. Using the fields of the instance metadata, they are inserted at the user defined placeholders. The code for each instance is created fully automated.

Reusable Expressions

Creating reusable expressions makes sense in situations when expressions are used at various locations within the pattern. These reusable expressions enable the modular design of generic expressions and multiple usage of them.

Savings Analyse

By automating big parts of the data integration development, enormous savings can be leveraged. The savings analysis shows these time and effort savings. You gain valuable insights into the efforts of your data integration project.

Instance Preview

The instance preview shows you expressions, source qualifier or scripts and how they will look after the instance metadata is added into the pattern code. On the left is the pattern code, on the right the preview of a dedicated instance. This makes the pattern development experience significantly more intuitive because it previews for you the code of the final instance that will be built at the end of the development lifecycle.

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